Private Yoga 


By your side on your Personal yoga journey…

Experiencing physical pain or emotional conditions? Having trouble sleeping? Wanting to be fully supported and attended in a safe space? My name is Lin and I am here to help nourish your body and soul on your journey to recovery.


How Can yoga help me?

Yoga is among the most effective healing arts for both physical and emotional concerns. At Lumina, our private yoga sessions are tailored for your unique physical body, mind body and heart body. Drawn from the traditional yogic wisdom and techniques, we will work together to address your specific needs and desires.  


What happens in a private yoga session?

There will be one-on-one guidance of breath exercises, yoga poses and meditation practices. Each body is unique and ever changing moment by moment. I am there to help you feel more connected with yourself and create space for healing to happen. 


Where are private sessions held?

  • View Royal studio
  • Fernwood studio
  • The comfort of your home ( Victoria residents only)
  • Online & worldwide via skype  


$75 + GST  per session