Experience stillness and inner peace by meditating and walking mindfully in beautiful forest areas.


The term comes from the japanese term "Shinrin-Yoku", literally meaning "forest bathing", or "absorbing the forest atmosphere". Forest bathing  gained popularity after various scientific studies has shown the health benefits of spending moments in forests and other natural  areas.


Different mindfulness-practices are used to become present and grounded, as we meditate and walk through beautiful forested areas. The session usually begins with a short talk and a guided meditation with instructions, followed by a meditative walk and meditation practices underway. There is plenty of opportunity to reflect and pause as needed, and the pace of the walk is considerably slower than a usual hike.  


You are likely to come out of this session rejuvenated and equipped with a lasting first-hand experience of how wonderful and healing nature can be for us when approached with an open heart and mind. 


Individual session

One-on-one sessions in nature is a beautiful way for to experience the beautiful forests of the Pacific Northwest, and learning to make it part of your self-care. Kashif teaches from his own experiences, having a heart-felt connection with nature and from seeing how it has benefited his own well-being. An individual session can help focus more on your personal experience with on-going advice. 

The sessions are offered in Francis King Park in Victoria, and last from 90 to 120 minutes. Transportation available from downtown upon request. Sessions can also be offered at other locations in Victoria and Vancouver.

Group Sessions

Groups can benefit from these sessions the same ways as individuals, learning to be together in nature, connected within, with each other and the environment.  

The sessions are Francis King Park in Victoria, and last from 90 to 120 minutes. Transportation available from downtown upon request. Can also be hosted in other locations in Victoria and Vancouver.